Authenticity is what we are aiming for at Bethel. To worship correctly, is to worship in Truth and in Spirit. That requires authenticity. This is a place to serve and to learn spiritual truths. While we certainly welcome anyone and everyone JUST AS YOU ARE, we are proud to say Bethel is not a seeker sensitive/social gospel plug in. We simply aim to proclaim Biblical Truth, to live authentic Christianity, and to serve our community to the best of our ability! 

Women play a vital role at Bethel. They add such elegance and grace to all that we do as a church! We have a vibrant group of young, middle aged, and elder ladies that would love to grow with you. From worshipping together to outings of various types. 

At Bethel we believe in masculine Christianity. Not the abrasive or domineering kind of “masculinity” that we see in our world, but the Godly kind that isn’t afraid to lead as scripture calls men to do. To love our family’s like Christ loves the church, to be the spiritual leaders of the home, to be providers and protectors, and to raise Godly children! Come see what’s going on amongst the men of Bethel!

Youth Group is high priority here!! We have tons of options for you and your family. 

The AWANA Club program is specifically designed to help your child be that “Approved Workman”, a young student who works at understanding and applying scriptural principles in everyday life, while having a great time!

We are so proud to sponsor this ministry! We partner with Warren ISD to make sure that our local families, specifically kids, are not underserved! Several volunteers meet at our FLC and pack bags to be shipped to the school. It’s a simple, yet profound serve! Come join in.